Ethnic Groups of the Philippines

Our Mission

Thank you for visiting Ethnic Groups of the Philippines  and for your interest and desire to learn more about the ethnology of the Philippines. Ethnic Groups of the Philippines is an educational website. We want to take a moment to explain what our website is all about, as well as its objectives.

Essentially, we encourage the reader to treat this website as a coffee table e-book that can serve as a source of information and inspire the pursuit of further studies of its content or related materials.

One of the main objectives is to expose readers to the cultural diversity of the Philippines, by introducing a collection of both existing and vanished peoples, ethnic groups, ethnolinguistic groups, languages, and immigrant groups found in the country. 

The website provides a profile of facts, figures, intelligent trivia on Filipino culture and information on festivals in the Philippines to immerse the visitor in true Filipino culture and life. The numerous photographs in the photo gallery section, province and political maps, essays on Filipino voices and cultural articles are an armchair tourist’s guide that brings to life the great diversity of peoples and cultures in the Philippines.

Another objective of this website is to help protect and promote languages in the Philippines, and consequently, cultures, from becoming extinct. By educating people about the rich language diversity in the Philippines, we hope to limit language loss and to prevent further language extinction.

We encourage visitors to provide pictures, comments, or any information on any of the subject matter covered by the website. We are counting on you to make a difference and help us teach the world about the cultural kaleidoscope that is the Philippines.

Every effort has been made to use neutral language in order to not cause offense, but due to historical rivalries between many groups, some words may have pejorative connotations.  In such cases we hope that all groups affected would contact the website and offer suggestions and corrections.

Welcome to Ethnic Groups of the Philippines!