Ethnic Groups of the Philippines

Japanese Filipinos

There are about 200,000 Japanese Filipinos scattered around the Philippine archipelago. In some instances, they are unaware of their Japanese roots or no longer able to connect with Japanese culture, so that they eventually lose Japanese half of their identity. Conversely, some Japanese Filipinos have gone to Japan and settled there permanently.

Most of the Japanese Filipinos have a Japanese father and a Filipina mother. Few cases of a Japanese mother and a Filipino father have been recorded. There are also many cases of Japanese-Filipino children born out of wedlock, and they grow up without the Japanese parent. In recent times, many Japanese Filipinos have been born out of the union of local women and Japanese men who went to the Philippines for business or to study English. The reverse has also happened: A large number of Japanese Filipinos who are the children of Filipino women working in Japan.


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