Language name and Autonym:
Baangingi, Balanguingui, Bangingi Sama, Northern Sama, Northern Sinama, Sama
Lutangan in western Mindanao, Olutangga Island, Sulu Archipelago,
coastal areas of Zamboanga coast peninsula and Basilan Island, possibly on Luzon and Palawan, Northern Sama on Luzon at White Beach near Subic Bay, also in Sabah, Malaysia
Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian
Related languages:
Lutangan (Lutango), Sibuco-Vitali (Sibuku), Sibuguey (Batuan), Balangingi, Daongdung, Kabinga’an
Approximate Number of Speakers:
80,000 in Philippines (2007 SIL)
Ethnic population:



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