Languages in the Philippines

According to linguists, there are around 5,000 languages spoken in today’s world. The Philippines alone has over 170 languages and 4 that have no known remaining speakers.

Alarmingly, according to current estimates, only one-tenth of today’s languages will remain by the coming of the 22nd century. Languages are disappearing at an astonishing rate and the pace shows no sign of abating. Many Filipino languages are at high risk of extinction.

This website hopes to help slow down the pace of language loss or prevent languages from becoming extinct. It attempts to bring attention to languages whose number of speakers is declining. We are confident that with sufficient exposure to the beauty and richness of the different languages, readers will want to preserve them.

This section will provide a compendium of languages and dialects in the Philippines, arranged in alphabetical order.

We welcome suggestions and are very grateful to those who wish to contribute their thoughts and ideas to this section of the website. We aim for excellence and know that we can only accomplish this mission with your help.

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