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Philippine Cinema Through the Years

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

15 October 2019

Manila – Filipinos have been watching movies since the late nineteenth century. More than 8,000 films have been created in the Philippines since then, generating around ₱2 billion in revenues annually. This year, 201… Read more


The Beauty Pageant Culture in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

31 August 2019

Manila – When Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Columbia as Miss Universe 2015 instead of actual winner Miss Philippines, several YouTube reaction videos were uploaded showing emotional Filipino fans dishearten… Read more


The Ivatans: Home of the Winds

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

31 July 2019

Basco – The indigenous people of Batanes, called the Ivatan, have led a tranquil life in an isolated island for generations. Situated in the Cagayan Valley region, Batanes is an idyllic, virtually untouched province in the n… Read more


The Desire to Keep the Rich Culture of the Bugkalot People

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

24 June 2019

Bayombong – Tucked away in the Sierra Madre mountain range, primarily in the provinces of Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva Ecija, Isabela, Quirino, and Aurora, is the Bugkalot tribe. The name of the tribe is derived from the root word kal… Read more


The Hidden Beauty of Masbate and Its People

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

2 May 2019

Masbate City – Masbate Province is located at the center of the Philippine archipelago, between the Bicol and Central Visayas Regions. Its crystal-clear waters and underwater adventures were relatively unknown to tourists … Read more


Meet the Kamayo People of Surigao del Sur

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

16 March 2019

Tandag City – When one mentions the Hinatuan Enchanted River or Tinuy-an Falls in Mindanao, chances are Filipinos and even tourists recognize them as the top attractions in the region. Unknown to many, the area they’re loca… Read more


Tapsilog – The King of Filipino Breakfast

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

17 February 2019

Quezon City – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with merienda and pica-pica in between is how we Filipinos do it! As a child, our mother will always remind us to eat on time and how breakfast is the most important meal of the day as … Read more


How the Vietnamese People Made Philippines Their Home

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

20 January 2019

Puerto Princesa – Filipinos are known to be hospitable by nature. In fact, the country has long been lauded for its strong humanitarian tradition of providing sanctuary to thousands of refugees. Viet Ville located in Pue… Read more


The Merriest Celebration of Christmas in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

25 December 2018

Manila – You know you are Filipino when September gets you excited for all the Christmas ornaments and lights you have to put up because almost everyone begins to adorn their houses at this time of year. The mood intensifie… Read more


A Look at the Vibrant Maguindanaon Ethnic Group

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

12 December 2018

Buluan – Maguindanao offers more than just a magnificent view of the gigantic Lake Buluan and majestic mountains. With its unspoiled waterfalls and springs, as well as warm people and rich culture, Maguindanao is a prom… Read more


Museums in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

30 October 2018

Quezon City – Most travelers, especially first-timers who are interested to know more about the country they are traveling, usually visit a museum. They are valuable sources of education and are treasure troves of inter… Read more


Who are the Batak People?

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

9 September 2018

Puerto Pincesa – Living primarily in the northern part of the island of Palawan, the Bataks are said to be the oldest indigenous tribe in the Philippines. Researchers suggest that they are the first humans to cross throug… Read more


Beki Lingo – Anitch Itich?

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

6 August 2018

Quezon City – Gora na mga sisteret!

Blurted Francine in a very casual manner whilst conversing in the beauty salon one afternoon. “Gora na mga sisteret” is a peculiar language for those unfamiliar with the Filipino gay l… Read more


The Lesser Known Banwaon People

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

15 May 2018

Prosperidad – The landlocked province of Agusan del Sur, located on the eastern side of Mindanao, is home to the indigenous tribe known as the Banwaon people. Also known as Adgawanon or Banwanon, the Banwaons derived their n… Read more


The Sangil People of Sarangani Islands

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

28 March 2018

Sarangani – The unspoiled Sarangani Island, located in the province of Davao Occidental, is a perfect escape for folks looking for a secluded travel destination. The municipality, which is made up of two big islands called … Read more


The Vibrant Chinese–Filipino Culture

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

19 February 2018

Manila – As the country celebrated Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, many Chinese–Filipinos or tsinoys observed and anticipated the Lantern Festival that marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog, t… Read more


The Old Filipino Tradition of Tribal Tattoos

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

18 January 2018

Tabuk –  An increasing number of younger Filipinos today are getting tattoos (or, in millennial-speak, “getting inked”). Gone are the days when tattoos are largely associated with criminals and lowlifes. In the pas… Read more


The Ibaloi People and Their Ancient Traditions

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

30 December 2017

La Trinidad – The Ibaloi, also called Nabaloi or Inibaloy, are among the indigenous people collectively known as the Benguet people who occupy the Northern part of Luzon, notably the mountainous terrain of t… Read more


The White Skin Fascination amongst Filipinos

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

21 November 2017

Quezon City – Many Asian countries have been obsessed with white skin as such is considered to be synonymous to beauty and prosperity. In the Philippines, many Filipinos would spare a hefty chunk of their wages to spl… Read more

The Binirayan Festival of Kinaray-a people of Antique

Honoring Antique's Kinaray-a Culture and Language

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

22 October 2017

San Jose – The province of Antique located in the Western Visayas Region is home to the Kinaray-a or Karay-a people. It is one of the five provinces comprising Region VI. Antique is bounded by the rugged central mountains of … Read more


Reestablishing the Pangasinan People and their Language

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

22 September 2017

Lingayen – The Province of Pangasinan is the third biggest region in the whole Philippine Archipelago. This province is located on the west central area along Lingayen Gulf in the island of Luzon. It is home to several et… Read more


The Ata Manobo

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

30 August 2017

Tagum – More than four years ago, I was fortunate to visit the wonderful community of the Ata people in Talaingod, a second-class municipality in Davao del Norte. Endowed with a breathtaking view and mountainous lands… Read more


Capiz and the Sulod Tribe

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

10 August 2017

Roxas City – Just a 45-minute plane ride from the Philippine capital Manila is the province of Capiz, located on the northeast portion of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region. It is among the top destinations for d… Read more


The Karao and The Fight Against Extinction

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

25 July 2017

La Trinidad – The Karao ethnic group in Benguet still exists to this day, but the Karao traditions are gradually fading away into their memories. This is a far cry from the physical extinction of a particular ethnic group, but the … Read more


Tasaday People – Are They or Aren't They?

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

11 July 2017

Koronadal – In 1971, worldwide attention was turned to a remote island in Mindanao. The Tasaday tribe living in an isolated section of rainforest in the Philippines was just unveiled. The revelation came after a hunter acc… Read more


Ati – The Original Tribal People of Panay

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

20 June 2017

Boracay – The steady economic growth in the last few years has enabled many people around the world to travel. However, the increase in tourism has gradually disrupted culture and heritage for many of the ethnic groups in the P… Read more


Palawano Tribe – Palawan's Original Dwellers

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

30 May 2017

Puerto Princesa – Palawan is known globally as a top island destination in the Philippines for its pristine beaches, crystal waters, as well as its biodiversity, being home to more than a hundred rare animal and plant species. … Read more


The Matigsalug Tribe of Salug River

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

15 May 2017

Malaybalay – The landlocked province of Bukidnon located at the southern part of the Philippines is known as the highland paradise at the heart of Mindanao. It is the region’s main source of agricultural products, particul… Read more


Aliwan Fiesta – The Mother of All Festivals

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

27 April 2017

Manila – The Aliwan Fiesta is an anticipated yearlong event in the country. For three days in April, a large number of locals and tourists gather along Roxas Boulevard in Manila to witness each region’s cultural p… Read more


The Fearless Boholano People

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

11 April 2017

Tagbilaran – The term Boholano refers to both the people of the island of Bohol and their language. Bohol is located in the Central Visayas region and is the 10th largest island in the Philippine archipelago. On March 15, 1565 … Read more


Philippine Marriages and Its Shifting Patterns

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

28 March 2017

Quezon City – “How old are you again? 34? You should get married soon and have children before it’s too late.”

Believe it or not, this is a typical reaction a woman gets from older folks when they learn that she is ‘beyond the ca… Read more


The Maranao and their Weaving Tradition

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

2 March 2017

Marawi – For countless generations, the Philippines have introduced various woven products that speak and represent our rich heritage and way of life. Weaving is a long-held custom deeply rooted in many Philippine com… Read more


Sinigang, a Filipino Classic Comfort Food

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

7 February 2017

Quezon City – Growing up as a child in the second largest and southernmost major island in the Philippines, I was never accustomed to eating sinigang. In Mindanao, I ate adobo, humba, or kinilaw, most of the time diligently … Read more


Festivals and Their Importance to the Filipino

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

24 January 2016

Cebu City – The start of 2017 is celebrated with festivals left and right–from the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Manila, to the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, and to the Dinagyang in Iloilo, to name a few. Almost every provin… Read more


Interesting Filipino Traditions on New Year

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

4 January 2017

Quezon City – New Year is one of the most anticipated celebrations in the Philippines. Young and old alike stay awake until midnight to greet the forthcoming year with loud noises. The fete commences on December 31st up … Read more


The Agta Tribe of the Sierra Madre

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

19 December 2016

Baler – The once-isolated Sierra Madre Mountains, which extends from northern to central Luzon along the Pacific coast, have completely transformed in the last few decades. It is the longest mountain chain in the count… Read more


Romblon Islands and Its People

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

5 December 2016

Tablas – Romblon is perhaps one of the hardest provinces to reach among the many islands of the Philippines. Despite its pristine beauty, not much is known about this noteworthy province consisting of numerous islands si… Read more


Friendly Borders's Commitment to Preserve Cultures and Languages

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

21 November 2016

Manila –  Since its inception in 2004, the Friendly Borders Organization (FBO) has aided in educational missions and generated programs to help educate younger generations. Through numerous journeys to differe… Read more


The Journey of the White Russians in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

3 November 2016

Borongan – In 2013, one of the world’s strongest typhoons devastated the Philippines and killed thousands of people. In light of the destruction, the Russians were quick to lend a hand. They were among those who helped a… Read more


Traditional Music and Instruments of the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

21 October 2016

Quezon City – Everyone loves music, regardless of what culture we are from. We all have at least one song that evokes emotions when we listen to it; it either boosts our mood at that particular moment or transports us back to a … Read more


Cultural Affinity between the Filipinos and Jews

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

7 October 2016

Makati City – Conflicts and wars have continued to displace people from around the world. Although the outcome is uncertain, millions have sought refuge in different countries to escape suffering and to live a better li… Read more


The Peace-Loving Higaonon Tribe of Bukidnon

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

21 September 2016

Malaybalay – Covering more than half of Northern Mindanao and bordered by mountain ranges with picturesque spots, Bukidnon is an ideal place for locals and tourists alike. The fourth largest province of the Philippin… Read more


Ilocanos from End to End

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

4 September 2016

Vigan – Ilocanos comprise the third largest ethnolinguistic group in the Philippines, whose population are the largest in Region 1 or the Administrative Region located on the northwestern coast of Luzon. According to … Read more

The Moncadistas in Samal Island

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

18 August 2016

Davao – Over the years, Samal Island located in the Davao Gulf has been recognized to have one of the best beaches in the Philippines. Its beautiful mountain landscape, crystal clear waters, and fine white sand are a perfect … Read more

Healthy and Delicious Marang Fruit

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

20 July 2016

Quezon City – The abundance of fruits almost everywhere in the Philippines is an added perk of visiting the country, apart from the weather and the beaches, of course! Mangoes, pineapples, bananas, and coconuts a… Read more

Preserving the Bamboo Organ of Las Piñas

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

24 June 2016

Las Piñas – For two centuries, an exceptional, beautiful music has been emanating from the suburb of Las Piñas, a city located in the southern part of Metro Manila. Crowds from all over the wo… Read more

Foreign Influences on Filipino Culture

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

30 May 2016

Quezon City – Long before Magellan reached the island of Limasawa in Southern Leyte located in the Eastern Visayas, Filipinos have already established trading and diplomatic relations with other neighbo… Read more

The New Concept of Filipino Parents

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

25 April 2016

Quezon City – One of the greatest blessings in life is to have parents. They are our first teachers who helped us shape our characters, values, and even how we view the world. Growing up with Filipino parents is a pri… Read more

Reviving Philippine Baseball

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

4 April 2016

Quezon City – If one looks back at the colorful history of baseball in the Philippines, it is hard to fathom how the sport has struggled in recent years. Once described by the Washington Post as being more talented than the a… Read more

The Subanen People of Mindanao

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

21 March 2016

Quezon City – In the island of Mindanao, particularly in the Zamboanga Peninsula, there exists a group of lumad or non-Muslim indigenous cultural community called the Subanen. They are also known as Suba… Read more


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Visitors explore the historic Fort Santiago in Manila, a military fortress built by Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi.

Visitors explore the historic Fort Santiago in Manila, a military fortress built by the Spaniards in 1571

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