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Filipino Woman Selling Candles on the Street

More Filipino Women Now Migrate Overseas

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

18 August 2021

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines is one of the world’s leading source countries for migrant workers. More than 2.2 million Filipinos work abroad, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) survey re… Read more

Filipino checking BANFF park

Life and Struggles of Filipinos in Canada

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

16 July 2021

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos are everywhere! No matter which corner of the world we visit, we are sure to find at least one or two fellow Filipinos. Perhaps this is because it runs in our DNA; our Filipino ancestors were know… Read more

A Lady at the Market in the Philippines

The Pinoy Way of Coping With the Pandemic

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

25 May 2021

MANILA, Philippines – Typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, and many more. Filipinos frequently experience different calamities and natural disasters each year. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered many l… Read more

Bamboo Organ of Las Pinas

Safeguarding the Las Piñas' Bamboo Organ

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

16 March 2021

MANILA, Philippines – The Bamboo Organ is a 19th century church organ housed in Saint Joseph Parish Church in the city of Las Piñas. A masterpiece created in the Spanish occupation in the Philippines, the instrument was mad… Read more

Roman Ongpin Monument

Roman Ongpin – The Loyal Chinese Patriot

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

16 February 2021

MANILA, Philippines – The Chinese have made many contributions and played an important role in Philippine society. For centuries, the Chinese and their descendants have occupied important positions in the Philippin… Read more

Thomas Dooley

Increasing the Azkals' Prowess with Thomas Dooley

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

2 February 2021

MANILA, Philippines – The addition of former US team captain Thomas Dooley to The Philippine Men’s National Football team between the years 2014 to 2018 lead the country to its first ever AFC Asian Cup qualification. More … Read more

Balangay Expedition in El Nido Palawan

Balangay – A Proof to the Ingenuity of Early Filipinos

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

12 January 2021

MANILA, Philippines – The boat has always been a familiar accessory to the beautiful coastline of the Philippine archipelago. Being home to sons and daughters of the sea, these traditional boats are the primary water t… Read more

Am-Among Festival in Bontoc

Cultural Practices and Rituals of the Cordillera

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

8 December 2020

Baguio – Tens of millions of Filipinos have been forced to confine in their homes since the coronavirus pandemic hit the Philippines earlier this year. While lockdown or community quarantine was the government’s imme… Read more

Filipino singing harana to a lady

Divorce and Separation in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

10 November 2020

MANILA, Philippines – One of the important cultural values amongst Filipinos is having close family ties. Building a family is a fundamental life goal for many people with centuries-old customs and traditions of honor… Read more

A Replica of the Visayan Balangay off the Coast of Palawan

The Sea-Faring Visayans

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

15 October 2020

Iloilo – The Visayan people are comprised of numerous ethnic groups totaling to more than thirty million in population who can be found in the Visayas archipelagos, in large parts of Mindanao as well as in the southernmost … Read more

Surfers Riding the Waves in Siargao

A Surfer's Paradise

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

30 September 2020

MANILA, Philippines – Blessed with a long coastline and more than seven thousand islands, the Philippines has been slowly emerging as a surfer’s paradise in recent years. Although not as popular as the likes of Califor… Read more

The Port of Banton Island

The Historical Banton Island and Its People

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

23 September 2020

Romblon – Concealed in a remote paradise with pristine beaches is a region with a rich and colorful history called Banton Island. Located in Romblon province, Banton Island is home to the Bantoanons whose population is … Read more

Christmas lantern on display

The "–Ber" Season in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

8 September 2020

MANILA, Philippines – The month of September marks the beginning of Christmas season in the Philippines. A holiday dear to every Filipino’s heart, Christmas has always been a big celebration in the country. It is when … Read more

Children wave the Philippine flags

Celebrating the National Language Month

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

25 August 2020

MANILA, Philippines – Every year during the month of August, the National Language Month or Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa is celebrated in the Philippines. Filipino was declared as the country’s national language in 1987 Ph… Read more

Construction of Buklog

Buklog – A Thanksgiving Ritual System of the Subanen

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

18 August 2020

Quezon City – Imagine days of nonstop revelry dancing from morning till night when there is a full moon. This exact scenario occurs for the members of the Subanen community when the buklog takes place. A festival celebrated … Read more

A group of men doing a bayanihan

Bayanihan – A Bright Silver Lining for Filipinos

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

8 August 2020

MANILA, Philippines – As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to surge in the Philippines, many private individuals, groups, and organizations continue to assist those in dire need of help. Such acts of kindness are cl… Read more

Filipinotown Los Angeles

Filipinos Beginning in Hollywood

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

28 July 2020

MANILA, Philippines – Nowadays, it is refreshing to see increasing numbers of Asian-American actors in Hollywood films. Filipino Americans in particular have been making the rounds in recent movies, such as Mark Dacasc… Read more

Molbog banig weaver in Palawan

Molbog – The Indigenous Tribe of Balabac

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

21 July 2020

Puerto Princesa – Palawan is the fifth largest island in the Philippines and is home to numerous indigenous groups, including the Molbog tribe. Also known as Malebugan or Malebuganon, the Molbog inhabited the Balabac islan… Read more

Pagmamano – A Uniquely Filipino Gesture of Respect

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

14 July 2020

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino children, similar to their Asian neighbors, are taught to be respectful, especially to their elders. Respecting elders is taught from an early age. This is perhaps one of the most common cul… Read more

Indian students in Davao

The Growing Community of Indians in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

7 July 2020

Manila – Many Filipinos have sought greener pastures overseas in a bid for a better life. Such is the case of the first Indian ethnic groups who arrived in the Philippines centuries ago, along with the Chinese. Indians have been … Read more

Statue of General Martin in Santa Barbara Iloilo

General Martin Delgado – The Proud Ilonggo Hero

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

23 June 2020

Iloilo City – As the Philippines celebrates its 122 years of independence, Filipinos commemorate the brave men and women who valiantly fought for freedom. They are the true heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country a… Read more

Filipino nurse in hospital

The Ubiquitous Filipino Nurses

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

2 June 2020

Manila – The prospect of taking up a nursing degree in college was imminent while growing up. As a 90s kid, I have seen and heard many different stories of nurses immigrating to the United States. Life in the province was tough, an… Read more

Mansaka girl in Davao de oro

A Brighter Future for the Mansaka Tribe

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

26 May 2020

Nabunturan – The remote forests and mountains of Mindanao have been home to many of the indigenous communities in the island. The majority of these communities are dependent on the land, where they source most of their livelih… Read more

Talaandig elder

The Proud Talaandig People of Bukidnon

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

19 May 2020

Malaybalay – The scenic province of Bukidnon in the northern Mindanao region is home to various indigenous groups. Alongside the Bukidnon, Higaonon, and Manobo, the Talaandig people are part of the Lumad, who comprise 24% of … Read more

people buying medicine

The Philippines Battles with the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

5 May 2020

MANILA, Philippines – The COVID-19 pandemic has come not long after the dreaded eruption of Taal Volcano in Tagaytay, located 40 miles south of Manila. As of this writing, the Philippines has recorded 10,004 confirmed cases … Read more

Kalinga father and son

Traditional Tattoos: The Identity of Northern Luzon

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

21 April 2020

Tabuk – In recent years, there has been a rising interest in the traditional cultural practice of tattooing in the Philippines. Many may mention Apo Whang-Od from Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga as Northern Luzon’s tattooin… Read more

cagsawa ruins with the view of Mt. Mayon

Bicol: More Than A Six-Province Region and Spicy Dishes

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

10 March 2020

Legazpi – Red-hot, spicy dishes, including the popular siling labuyo, gata, and laing. These are just some of the distinctly Bicolano dishes that are popular not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. However… Read more

Abreños Performing Tani, A Tingguian Courtship dance

Can Education Help Preserve Tingguian Culture?

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

24 December 2019

Baguio – The Philippines is home to numerous ethnic communities sharing a remarkable history that has shaped and continues to shape the lives of various individuals. People as well as organizations have recently start… Read more

Philippine Cinema

Philippine Cinema Through the Years

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

15 October 2019

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos have been watching movies since the late nineteenth century. More than 8,000 films have been created in the Philippines since then, generating around ₱2 billion in revenues annuall… Read more


The Beauty Pageant Culture in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

31 August 2019

MANILA, Philippines – When Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Columbia as Miss Universe 2015 instead of actual winner Miss Philippines, several YouTube reaction videos were uploaded showing emotional Filipino … Read more


The Ivatans: Home of the Winds

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

31 July 2019

Basco – The indigenous people of Batanes, called the Ivatan, have led a tranquil life in an isolated island for generations. Situated in the Cagayan Valley region, Batanes is an idyllic, virtually untouched province in the n… Read more


The Desire to Keep the Rich Culture of the Bugkalot People

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

24 June 2019

Bayombong – Tucked away in the Sierra Madre mountain range, primarily in the provinces of Nueva Vizcaya, Nueva Ecija, Isabela, Quirino, and Aurora, is the Bugkalot tribe. The name of the tribe is derived from the root word kal… Read more


The Hidden Beauty of Masbate and Its People

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

2 May 2019

Masbate City – Masbate Province is located at the center of the Philippine archipelago, between the Bicol and Central Visayas Regions. Its crystal-clear waters and underwater adventures were relatively unknown to tourists … Read more


Meet the Kamayo People of Surigao del Sur

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

16 March 2019

Tandag City – When one mentions the Hinatuan Enchanted River or Tinuy-an Falls in Mindanao, chances are Filipinos and even tourists recognize them as the top attractions in the region. Unknown to many, the area they’re loca… Read more


Tapsilog – The King of Filipino Breakfast

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

17 February 2019

MANILA, Philippines – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with merienda and pica-pica in between is how we Filipinos do it! As a child, our mother will always remind us to eat on time and how breakfast is the most important meal … Read more


How the Vietnamese People Made Philippines Their Home

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

20 January 2019

Puerto Princesa – Filipinos are known to be hospitable by nature. In fact, the country has long been lauded for its strong humanitarian tradition of providing sanctuary to thousands of refugees. Viet Ville located in Pue… Read more


The Merriest Celebration of Christmas in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

25 December 2018

MANILA, Philippines – You know you are Filipino when September gets you excited for all the Christmas ornaments and lights you have to put up because almost everyone begins to adorn their houses at this time of year. The mo… Read more


A Look at the Vibrant Maguindanaon Ethnic Group

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

12 December 2018

Buluan – Maguindanao offers more than just a magnificent view of the gigantic Lake Buluan and majestic mountains. With its unspoiled waterfalls and springs, as well as warm people and rich culture, Maguindanao is a prom… Read more


Museums in the Philippines

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

30 October 2018

MANILA, Philippines – Most travelers, especially first-timers who are interested to know more about the country they are traveling, usually visit a museum. They are valuable sources of education and are treasure tro… Read more


Who are the Batak People?

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

9 September 2018

Puerto Pincesa – Living primarily in the northern part of the island of Palawan, the Bataks are said to be the oldest indigenous tribe in the Philippines. Researchers suggest that they are the first humans to cross throug… Read more


Beki Lingo – Anitch Itich?

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

6 August 2018

MANILA, Philippines – Gora na mga sisteret!

Blurted Francine in a very casual manner whilst conversing in the beauty salon one afternoon. “Gora na mga sisteret” is a peculiar language for those unfamiliar with the Filipi… Read more


The Lesser Known Banwaon People

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

15 May 2018

Prosperidad – The landlocked province of Agusan del Sur, located on the eastern side of Mindanao, is home to the indigenous tribe known as the Banwaon people. Also known as Adgawanon or Banwanon, the Banwaons derived their n… Read more


The Sangil People of Sarangani Islands

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

28 March 2018

Sarangani – The unspoiled Sarangani Island, located in the province of Davao Occidental, is a perfect escape for folks looking for a secluded travel destination. The municipality, which is made up of two big islands called … Read more


The Vibrant Chinese–Filipino Culture

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

19 February 2018

MANILA, Philippines – As the country celebrated Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, many Chinese–Filipinos or tsinoys observed and anticipated the Lantern Festival that marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog, t… Read more


The Old Filipino Tradition of Tribal Tattoos

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

18 January 2018

Tabuk –  An increasing number of younger Filipinos today are getting tattoos (or, in millennial-speak, “getting inked”). Gone are the days when tattoos are largely associated with criminals and lowlifes. In the pas… Read more


The Ibaloi People and Their Ancient Traditions

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

30 December 2017

La Trinidad – The Ibaloi, also called Nabaloi or Inibaloy, are among the indigenous people collectively known as the Benguet people who occupy the Northern part of Luzon, notably the mountainous terrain of t… Read more


The White Skin Fascination amongst Filipinos

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

21 November 2017

MANILA, Philippines – Many Asian countries have been obsessed with white skin as such is considered to be synonymous to beauty and prosperity. In the Philippines, many Filipinos would spare a hefty chunk of their wages t… Read more

The Binirayan Festival of Kinaray-a people of Antique

Honoring Antique's Kinaray-a Culture and Language

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

22 October 2017

San Jose – The province of Antique located in the Western Visayas Region is home to the Kinaray-a or Karay-a people. It is one of the five provinces comprising Region VI. Antique is bounded by the rugged central mountains of … Read more


Reestablishing the Pangasinan People and their Language

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

22 September 2017

Lingayen – The Province of Pangasinan is the third biggest region in the whole Philippine Archipelago. This province is located on the west central area along Lingayen Gulf in the island of Luzon. It is home to several et… Read more


The Ata Manobo

by Ethnic Groups Philippines

30 August 2017

Tagum – More than four years ago, I was fortunate to visit the wonderful community of the Ata people in Talaingod, a second-class municipality in Davao del Norte. Endowed with a breathtaking view and mountainous lands… Read more


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