Ethnic Groups of the Philippines

Indian Filipinos

Filipinos of Indian ancestry can be found mainly in Metro Manila, Cebu City, Cainta and Davao. Indian Filipinos are Philippine citizens of either pure of mixed Indian descent that reside in the Philippines. Over the years, many Indian Filipinos have intermarried with the local population giving rise to the number of Filipinos who have Indian descent. Indian Filipinos are mainly adherents of Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, Sikhism, Islam and Buddhism.

A large number of Indian Filipinos and Indians in the country are Sindhi and Punjabi, and there is also a large population of Tamil. Many Indian Filipinos are fluent in Tagalog, English and in the local language spoken in the province they reside in. Many Indian Filipinos belong to the upper and middle socioeconomic classes and many of them work in the clothing industry and marketing.


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